Release Notes

Release notes

All major changes to the Revelator API or it’s documentation will be outlined on this page.

April 12th 2024

What’s new:

Added a Glossary page containing most used terms.

April 1st 2024

What’s new:

Royalty Tokens section added.

New endpoints for:

March 20th 2024

What changed:

Distribution statuses updated.

  • New statuses for takedowns (72, 75, 76, 79)
  • Old statuses updated (8, 10, 11)

March 13th 2024

What’s new:

Added the examples back.

January 29th 2024

What’s new:

Tipalti integration added to Revelator. By completing the following flows you will be able to pay your payees using this feature:

  • Payor Flow - Connect your Tipalti Account with your Revelator Parent Account
  • Payee Flow - Set up a payee to receive money via Tipalty

January 24th 2024

What’s new:

New API Documentation published 🥳

November 11th 2023

What’s new:

Newly documented endpoints for uploading files

  • POST /media/audio/upload/wav - Upload a file in wav format to the Revelator servers
  • POST /media/image/upload - Upload an image file to the Revelator servers
  • POST /media/audio/pullexternal/wav - Pull a file in wav format from an external url to the Revalator servers


  • Using an externalUrl to associate files with a track/release is no longer recommended! Files referenced like this are not being downloaded by our system until distribution, leading to unexpected behavior. Use the endpoints mentioned above for all file uploading needs.

September 26th 2023

What’s new:

Enterprise information endpoints:

  • GET /enterprise/clients/{id} - Retrieves basic information about a single enterprise
  • GET /enterprise/clients/all - Retrieves basic information about all enterprises associated with the account


  • POST /account/createnewaccount' - endpoint is now deprecated. This is done to mitigate confusion for creating new accounts.